Car Immobilizers Beef Up Security And Lower Premiums

When was the last time you did something to beef security on your vehicle? Why did you do it? Was your car broken into, or you know someone who has had their laptops and bags stolen from their parked car, during work hours? Fear can make us do a lot of things – some more reckless than others. But it also pushes us to search for smart and efficient security solutions. And this can also lower our car insurance premium. Doesn't that sound awesome?

How Can An Engine Immobilizer Help?

  • A car engine immobilizer is a special device that enables a vehicle to start by solely using the right keys/fobs. In other words, someone trying to tamper with your ignition and hotwire your car to take off with it will not have any luck in their endeavor.

  • If you are not sure whether your vehicle has an immobilizer, know this: they have been compulsory in new vehicle for two decades now. If you are driving a car that has been fabricated after 1998, you are good to go. If your car is older, you should take it to a car locksmith or your regular car mechanic and have them check.

  • You can easily install an immobilizer at a later moment in time, if you do not already have one. One of the simplest ways of finding out if your car comes with this device is to look into the owner’s handbook.

  • The setting of the immobilizer can be changed every time the car is driven. Modern-day systems are automatic, so drivers do not have to worry about having to enable them every time they get behind the wheel. In some cases, someone trying to use a non-sequenced key will engage a no-start stage, or alert a security company via satellite.

  • The respective information is usually stored in modern automobile ECUs, where you can also find data on speed, temperature, way angle, the weight of the driver, and the geographic location of the vehicle. This type of information will prove to be extremely helpful during insurance investigations and different types of warranty claims.

  • But immobilizers are also helpful for lowering insurance premiums for vehicles; just make sure you first get in touch with your insurer and ask them about their preferred security devices for vehicles.

Talk To A Locksmith!

  • Get in touch with a few locksmiths for cars and see what they can do for you. Start by getting your locks, ignition, keys, and alarm assessed by a pro. Fix any faults and problems they might discover. A jammed ignition switch could prevent you from starting your engine just as you were heading to an emergency meeting early in the morning. Broken door locks could accidentally lock your small kids inside the car. Have everything inspected and repaired.

  • Ask an authorized locksmith with a lot of hands on experience to tell you what are the best types of alarms and steering wheel or wheel locks insurance companies usually prefer. Opt for alarms that run on their own battery supply and do not forget about the steering wheel lock. It could do wonders for your premium – and the safety of your parked vehicle.

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